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Personal Growth – Shifting In a New Direction

So I’ve decided I’m transitioning this blog more into a personal growth type deal. With an emphasis on personal. This means mostly the things I’ve been doing to better my own life, what I’ve found works for me, what I find interesting, and what is holding my attention for the time being. I hope the things I write about help other people too, but really, I want a platform for exploring my ideas, thoughts, and journey in another environment outside my regular friend groups (who are awesome by the way).

Why the shift? Well, aside from what I wrote above, I haven’t written a new ebook in a couple years now. And looking back on it, while I’m glad I wrote the ones I did, I’m not as proud of them now as I was then. But, it was something new to try, so I tried it out to see if it could work for me. Maybe I’ll write another one in the future. But I’m not holding my breath on that, and I want to do something fun with this site in the meantime.

When I got on this train, I was feeling motivated, I was writing a lot, and writing those ebooks was also a way to give myself a goal and pull myself back on track. I’m still feeling motivated, but my motivation is in a completely different direction. And what I’ve learned is that I need a way to harness that motivation in a way that fits who I am as a person. One week I’m playing Dark Souls, another week I’m reading everything I can about fitness, then the next I’m thinking about personality psychology and reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Kiersey’s Temperament Sorter. Then another week my friends dragged me out camping. In short, I’m growth oriented, but I’m scattered and tend to focus on things for short bursts of time since that works for me. Obviously, I have to keep to certain good habits to meet my goals in different areas of life, but my focus is ever changing. It’s just who I am.

So I’m experimenting with this blog a bit now. Taking it in a new direction, which is basically the direction the wind of my life is blowing at any given moment. I plan to update my sidebar links shortly with links to resources I’ve found helpful on my journey. Many are to specific Reddit communities, because quite frankly, they were the biggest help to me getting started on just about everything. Others will be to sites that were fantastic resources when it was time for me to start expanding. And I don’t necessarily agree with everything said by the resources I link to; rather, those resources will be ones that provided something useful and unique to my journey, and at least felt reasonably accurate to me based on my current understanding of the subject matter they cover. But I’m not a professional, unless Dabbler of Internet Studies – Jack of Some Trades, Master of None can be considered a professional thing.

That said, for anyone who’s stuck around hoping for something new (I’d be surprised, it’s been years since my last post), as well as anyone joining up now, I hope to bring a valuable perspective to the things I write about, and that it somehow helps you or points you in the right direction on your own journey.

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