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Cookbook - WebsiteThe Cookbook: Easy Recipes and Cooking Tips for those who aren’t a Master Chef

This book has two purposes: provide a short compilation of recipes covering a variety of flavors, and explaining how you can make these recipes your own as well as create new ones using similar techniques with your own favorite ingredients. With soups, salads, stir-fry, and a number of other great dishes, this book will introduce you to great flavors that are simple to create and sure to please!

Shadowheart Legend - WebsiteThe Shadowheart Legend (Book 1 of The Shadowheart Saga)

Aurora and Eclipse have been raised as powerful wizards since they were born. Having grown apart due to a difference in ideals, they rarely interact unless it is in opposition to each other. However, when Aurora overextends herself, she not only reveals the extent of her power, but also brings the anger of the gods upon herself and her unsuspecting brother.