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First Post, First Tweet, First Book

So this is quite obviously my first post, as you can see quite easily by looking before it and seeing there is nothing else there. Still have some heavy work to do on this site, but wanted to get some thoughts down here first.

Also just got Twitter set up. Right here at NickFStanley. Never really been a huge fan of the idea behind it, but I figure now is as good a time as any to give it another shot. They do seem like they’ve added quite a bit to make it more robust, which is definitely nice, but it’s still 140 characters or less, just enough for a soundbyte and a link.

I’ve also written my first e-book. And I have to be honest, while I think the recipes are quite tasty, it was put together quickly because this was for me to see if I could do it. Clearly, I could and did. Some parts were easier than I thought, such as submitting and publishing on Amazon being mostly quick and painless, while others were a bit harder. Who knew what a pain formatting something could be the first time you do it?

It was a good learning experience though. When I do my next book, which will likely be quite different, I’ll be much better prepared in terms of knowing what to expect. I also intend to take my time with it and make it tell the story I decide I want to tell.

Of course, I’ve mentioned my first book, but not said anything about it. If you are looking for a cookbook, you could look into The Cookbook: Easy Recipes and Cooking Tips for those who aren’t a Master Chef.

From here, I get to do more work on this site to get it looking better, then start thinking about what I want to do next.

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