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The Cookbook is #5 on Amazon in Free eBooks for Meal Cooking

I’m currently running a free promotion for The Cookbook: Easy Recipes and Cooking Tips for those who aren’t a Master Chef. Normally a steal at 99 cents, it’s even more of a steal until July 23rd for $0.00. Yes, that’s free.

What’s even cooler than that though (for me, at least) is that The Cookbook is #5 in the Meal Cooking section of Amazon’s free eBooks right now, at the time of this writing. Because let’s be real here, The Cookbook is the first eBook I published, so getting close to the top of anything feels phenomenal. I really hope everyone who has taken advantage of this promotion, as well as anyone who has purchased or chooses to purchase a copy, finds some recipes that suit their needs. Thank you to everyone who’s given this book a shot, and I hope you enjoy it.

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